Living within History- Dundee, Kwazulu Natal


Vaughn Sadie and Neil Coppen



Vaughn Sadie and Neil Coppen’s ‘Living Within History’ project will take place in the historic battlefield town of Dundee in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. The artists will spend three months interviewing and conducting workshops with participants from local and surrounding communities. Sadie and Coppen will work towards staging a weekend of public space re-enactments (in and around the town) which they hope will both interrogate, and reinvigorate interest in, the area’s abundant history.

Vaughn Sadie is an installation artist who works across disciplines. Sadie completed his MFA at the Durban University of Technology in 2009. Neil Coppen is a theatre maker/ playwright and journalist from Durban and is the recipient of this year’s Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Theatre.

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